Monday, November 22, 2010



hang em high
acrylic paint on canvas by Robert Margetts

To create a life, that I have done

and to bury a man who called me his son.
To have lived in fear and seen man split atoms
and to have sailed upon the great Mississippi
and almost drown in seven fathoms.
To leave my flesh and see apparitions
dance upon the shrine
and to know of dead bodies
Floating down the Rhine.
To have kissed the girls in numerous lands
and to some I loved, I did leave
deep wounds in their hands.
To have walked with Plato and trod on teak
that floated upon the Caspian Sea.
And to have touched the bark
and seen the life taken from the trees.
To have flown in the air in machines that rust
and to have turned green pastures into bowls of dust.
To lie to my wife and cheat in bed
and he who took vengeance and bore me
my first that was dead.
To this and more I regret as a man
for I never hugged my father
and I never held my son’s hand.

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