Monday, November 21, 2011


(The Motorcycle Accident that killed Kim Hubert, by Robert Margetts..Acrylic paint on canvas)

To my friend
for I cannot speak
words are written through another man

I am sorry,
sorry it ended this way
The pain I caused by my foolish act

I took another life,
not in self defense
And, I took a little of you with me

Forgive me, but do not forget me
for I shall never forget you

And when you are older
take pity on a young fool

Learn from my mistakes
Never again will I touch
Never again will I cry
Never again will I dream
or savor the feel of water upon my lips

But, remember this,
I walk near you at all times
And when you cry for me,
my memories grow stronger

Remember me
Please remember me....


(Human error, by Robert Margetts)

Walk with my thoughts
and learn from this cadaverous face
Cry for my pain
and die with the human race...

Breathe my air
and see through my sanguinary eyes
Listen to the hungry children
Can you hear their cries?

Crawl with my severed leg
and touch with my charred hand
Learn from my dry lips
bleeding words into our land..

This is the ballad of our future
We are to blame,
for we are man.


(Johnny Cash taking ten, by Robert Margetts)

Chilling hearts and freezing nights
and another log burns into tiny embers
as the winds of past whisper tales outside my frozen door.

It was a time when heroes walked in true silence
and tormented children cried into the black night.
It was a time of death in mid light
and evil prowled the Earth for food.

Where trees once stood tall, now gave way to decaying old stumps.
It was a time when love was slavery,
but the chains of obligation that were linked together by iron memories
had weakened and tarnished.

And then as the rising sun met the high wind,
she appeared.
To climb the pyramids of Egypt
To walk the paths of Plato.
She bathed in the Seas of China
and touched the Rock of Gibraltar.
She drank from the cup of Erasmus
and haggled in the bazaars in Istanbul.

It was a time of friendship
of loving one another and making dreams
and crying about tomorrow.
It was a time when friends held hands and believed in today.
And, when the sun set, she went with it.

Can you tell me where they go at night?
Can you tell me why they won't come back?