Monday, December 12, 2011



(painting by Robert Margetts)

Through the archways they did come
through the millennium of time
from Khan to Hitler
from John Wilkes Booth
 to James Earl Ray
From the bronze era
 to the atomic era
to the nuclear era
each bearing his own form of hardened steel

Pride, honor and vengeance
Distrust, loathing and power
Evil and corruption
filled the damp granite halls
as the soldiers of time trampled upon the rustic cobblestones
in their sullied boots

A nod of recognition here
a shove and a scowl there
they clutched to their insidious weapons
like starve ridden babies clinging to a full breast.

Maidens bustled in tight corsets
swayed to the rhythmic tones
that bubbled from their flutes.

The soldiers of time
stood to attention
awed by these ladies of the night.
These soft creatures dressed in white
so pure of hatred
and so innocent of crime.
With hungry eyes and scarred lips
did so desire to fill their needs
The few sober took to the ale
like jackals to rotten flesh.

The first to fall,
the gallant knight
 entombed in his dented armor
He lowered his nail studded mace
and let it fall deep into the hungry moat
Pride and deceit vanished
deep into the silty mud
To the seeker of the Holy Grail
forgiveness from the boy Ward.
In the house of Arthur, the knight was reborn.

The cowboy nodded to the knight,
holstered his pistol
removed his belt
and handed
it to the blacksmith.

Honor and dishonesty
vengeance and hate
were quickly hammered into the form of a horseshoe.
Billy The Kid doffed his dusty cap
and extended the hand of truce,
the branch of clemency.
And for the first time
he shook the hand of the sheriff
And he too was reborn that day,
in the house of Garrett.

The musketeer watching from afar
dropped his bloodstained foil
With a clank upon the courtyard stones
revenge tricked from his murderous blade
The fanning weeds
that fought for space between the crevices
licked the sanguine weapon clean of hate

For the first time in 100 years
Romeo looked upon Juliet
And Capulet
 And Montague
were reborn in the house of Shakespeare

 Hiding in the dark alcove
near the winding stairs stood the most evil,
the most powerful and sinister of creation past.
Clutched in his rawboned fist
and holding the world at bay
Stupidity and hypocrisy tucked in his back pocket
in the form of a bribe
Too weak
Too tired
to fight the soothing array of notes
that placated this once vicious crowd.

He opened his bony hand and dropped the hideous vial into the moat
and with it the secrets of destruction
were quickly swallowed up
 in the murky cool waters.
Bending down to his knees
he did cry
for that day
in the house of humanity
Einstein was reborn

And for the first time, 
since the Seventh day of creation
The creator of dust
and the maker of steel was happy
for in eleventh hour of the day
his faith in humans,
was reborn. 
And he cried
and he cried
for all his children.

The dome in Hiroshima, Japan.  It was one of the very few building that survived the Atomic bomb.  (I took this picture back in April of 1885) 

The hand of death

(painted with Acrylic paint, December 2011 by Robert Margetts)