Tuesday, April 3, 2018




I've never seen mom so mad as yet
the day I flushed the dead hamster down the toilet.
Her face contorted from a beloved mother into a rat
and I feared retaliation from old sparky, the baseball bat.

"Get me the plunger," she did demand
and quick as the roadrunner it was in her hand.

"The other end if you don't mind"
"This is to unplug from behind!"

And a plunging and a pushing she set to work
a clank, bash, dink, and a quirk.

All the plunging lodged Lucky further into the drain.
"Get me a bulldozer, a plumber, or a crane!"

"We have none of the above," I said.
"Another peep out of you and I'll use your head!"

And grabbing the pliers she started to turn
The pipe gurgled, burped, and churned.
Water burst from every leak
Mother got soaked from head to feet.

A giggle itched deep in my belly
rolling, turning, bumbling like green jelly.

Mad as a bee mom grabbed for a knife.
"Keep laughing and you'll be grounded for life!"

She thrust the cleaver into the bowl
for one valiant attempt to dislodge Lucky from the hole.

"I give up," screamed mother!!!
"Where's the yellow pages, I need a plumber!"

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