Tuesday, April 3, 2018




Billy the bully lived on my street
and when in need of money
he would hang me upside down from my feet.

He took my money and beat me until I was blue
and he would laugh and snort
and glue my hands to my ears with monkey glue.

I would tell my mother, but what could she do?
She would call Billy the bully on the phone
and threaten to sue.

This lasted till I reached the age of ten
when Patsy the pusher moved onto our block
and put Billy the bully's reign of terror to an end.

At the innocent age of ten and weighing close to 120 stone
6 foot 3 and mean as a bobcat
she proceeded to break Billy's foot bone.

And I being quick to take advantage of my luck
befriended her
married her
and to this day we are stuck.

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