I hate ants
I cannot lie
they bite my feet
I wish they would die

On a sunny day
laying in the grass
I burn their bodies
with a magnifying glass

They smoke and pop
some sizzle and hiss
They start to smell
and run underground
as I burn their shell

The queen they protect
and hide her eggs
Deep inside the mound
giving their lives as I smash their legs!!

I hate ants
I really don't know why
I fell powerful watching them die...


(Jim Morrison by Robert Margetts)

"What is greed," asked the little boy?
"Greed is like a potato chip,
once you've eaten one
you can't stop," said the old man.

"Then what is kindness," asked the little boy?
"Kindness is a glass of water. 
Quench the thirst of others before yourself,
that is an act of kindness," replied the old man.

"What is power," asked the little boy?
"Power is holding a butterfly in your hand
and crushing him to death," said the man.

"That sounds more like hate," replied the boy.
"True," he replied.
"Most who possess power learn to hate and destroy.
You can't have one without the other."

"Then, what is love," asked the boy?
"Love is placing your hand into a fire
to save the butterfly from pain
and crushing him to death to relieve the suffering."

"Life is sure strange," replied the boy.
"Life is but a puzzle," he replied.
"When the puzzle has been completed,
when the last piece has been put into place,
then the riddle of your life will be solved.
Each puzzle is different
just as each individual is different.
Some love
Some hate
Some have power
Some are kind.
The only knowledge I can pass onto you is
knowing that most puzzles have many of the same pieces.

"Then will I learn to hate," questioned the little boy?
"That piece of you is still waiting to be found," whispered the old man.
"You will find hate in this world
 and love
 and even kindness
 in your puzzle
and throughout your life.
Perhaps not today or tomorrow,
but to finish the riddle of life
you will have to complete your puzzle."


(Jerry Garcia by Robert Margetts)

On a sodden stream bank
a pack lunch
just grampa and me
To teach me the art of fly casting
my teacher, the octogenarian, a dying symbol of fertility.

the bamboo rod
a peninsula in the mist

The line
titillating the ripples
as it skipped the waters edge
Taunting virgin gills
to a throat tearing breakfast.

An eager mouth
lurched high into the morning air
and swallowed the hot shrapnel.

Pain...Sheer panic.
Pain......sickening pain..

The burning poker ripped into his slippery esophagus
and dug deep into the gills
Blood and segment of his own flesh
filled his mouth.

The pain....sheer pain.
Must stop the pain, but how? 


(new baby cub by Robert Margetts)

I'm not one to complain
but having a little brother is a REAL PAIN.

He cries just to get all the attention
and everyone makes a BIG FUSS over him.

They play with his hands and toes
and they even make STUPID FACES!!!

They tickle his belly
and make his bed.
MOMMY kisses his ears
and DADDY nuzzles his head!!!!

Now, I NEVER understood why
my older sister hated me so,
for I was not as BAD
as little bro!!!!!!


(good rice by Robert Margetts)

I got lice in my hair
I got noodles on my chin
and I got pot stickers in my pocket

I got sweet and sour all over my tongue
and sesame chicken on my face
It happened sometime last week
dinner at some Chinese place

They steam your food
and fry it to perfection
Drop an egg and let it roll,
So why that awkward expression?

It's just lice
They put it with fish
They mix it with everything
They put it in every dish!

The nurse at school is just being silly
Lice is good for your body
it builds bones and makes you strong
Chinese people eat it all day long!!!!

The chef was responsible
He threw the food in the air
things were just crazy
That's how I got lice in my hair..

So, I got a bowl of lice
Let's not overreact
Suspended from school
at the drop of a hat
The principal quick to phone
yelled at my parents
for not leaving me at home!!

The teachers screamed and ran for the door
dashing for the exit
while gripping their heads.
Some even swore!!!!!

"Leave this room," they shouted in fear!!!
"We don't like lice
No sir, not in here!!
Go home and wash your dirty head
your disgusting kid
before it starts to spread"

I just don't get all the fuss and commotion
Lice is yummy
Lice is hot
There is no secret potion
just add,

Water and lice
boil to done
Fry it
Serve it
And eat till there is none.


(baby burp by Robert Margetts)

Burp me, Burp me!!!!
I'm going to explode...
Oops, Mommy, I released my load!!!

All over your shoulder
and in your clean hair
Why that puzzled stare?

I warned you,
yes, I warned you twice.
I eat like a pig
Tomorrow, best you wear a wig!!!!


(looking into the mirror by Robert Margetts)

He's mean and crude
and not my most favorite dude.

His teeth are yellow and green with slime
He walks like an ape
and is never on time.

His arms are big and hairy
and at first glance, rather scary!!

With a snort of his snout
and a twitch of his chin
He passes gas at the drop of a pin.

He's kind of crude and a bit mean
awfully fat and definitely not clean!

But as monsters go
I must say
My Woogle Doogle Monster is a OK!!


(what's for dinner by Robert Margetts)

Salt my fries and my fish
Add more.....
Add more to this dish!!!!

A dash here
A pinch there
Fill the plate
I do not care!!!!

Open wide down the trap
Here comes that tasty sodium crap....


(The coming storm by Robert Margetts)

Stop the car,
are we there yet?

My pants are soggy
and woefully wet!!

Pee is seeping down my leg...
Speed up and turn down the heat
I fear wetness in my seat...

Pull off!!!!
Pull off here!!
I see a rest stop,
Hurry up, Hurry up!!!!!
Hasten up for Christ Sake!!
 My bladder is ready to pop!!!!!!!
Ooops....too late.....


(Grandma bear and me, by Robert Margetts)

My daddy says my Granny
controls the whole family

My mommy says his granddaddy
controls everyone

I don't care who controls who,
I just love them all..


(The dirty rotten hair puller, by Robert Margetts)

Just look at sis,
her hair so fine
I would tie her to the railroad track
and leave her in a bind!!!
That would do the trick.

Well, maybe not,
On second thought, perphaps no,
That would be just plain mean!!
Grab her hair and push her face
into a bowl of cold ice-cream!!!
I like that idea.

Oh Lord,
how she would scream and kick
then I would grab mom's scissors
and Clip, Clip, Clip!!!!
Yes, that would be kool..

Off go her beautiful locks!!
To shut her big yapper
I would stuff in my dirty socks!!!

how do you like me, Sis?


(My heart burried under the tree, by Robert Margetts)
Chilling hearts and freezing nights
and another log burns into tiny embers
as the winds of past whisper tales outside my frozen door.
It was a time when heroes walked in true silence
and tormented children cried into the black night.
It was a time of death in mid light
and evil prowled the Earth for food.
Where trees once stood tall, now gave way to decaying old stumps.
It was a time when love was slavery,
but the chains of obligation that were linked together by iron memories
had weakened and tarnished.
And then as the rising sun met the high wind,
she appeared.
To climb the pyramids of Egypt
To walk the paths of Plato.
She bathed in the Seas of China
and touched the Rock of Gibraltar.
She drank from the cup of Erasmus
and haggled in the bazaars in Istanbul.
It was a time of friendship
of loving one another and making dreams
and crying about tomorrow.
It was a time when friends held hands and believed in today.
And, when the sun set, she went with it.
can you tell me where they go at night?
can you tell me why they won't come back?

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